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Welcome to Selling Used Clothesa-z lIST Selling Used Clothes is the one stop shop for the collections of clothes and mobile phones in exchange for cash. We can collect items of clothing and mobile phones from any member of the public and they are weighed on the spot as all of our offices and collection vehicles have been fitted with calibrated weighing scales. We provide payment for clothes and mobile phones which are collected immediately. Other clothing companies do not use calibrated scales which means that their weights can be off which could lead to you not receiving the cash you are entitled to. We have also found that other clothing companies only take particular items of clothing that they are looking for however, Selling Used Clothes are happy to collect all items of clothing once they are clean and re-usable as per the below list of Items we can accept. Selling Used Clothes can also offer cash payments for old mobile phones which are collected. This is an easy way to raise funds and they can be used again in the production of new electronic items. All of the items which we collect are recycled and diverted from landfill. Our main aim is to help you raise money through recycling which in turns helps the environment. If you would like to raise cash by organising a collection of clothing and/or mobile phones then feel free to call the selling Used Clothes team on LoCall: 0818-227036 or Mobile: 087-2964516 We currently have a depot in Sallins Co Kildare where you can drop off clothes and mobile phones or you can avail of our nationwide collection service (Min. quantity applicable). We do not currently have any shops.

The below list are items which we can offer cash for
Clothes (clean, dry and re-usable) Curtains Bedding (No Duvets or Pillows)
Paired Shoes and Trainers Towels Handbags
Belts Scrap Metal Mobile Phones

Why you should use Selling Used Clothes - We are a family run business with a wealth of experience gained over the last 30 years
- Reliable, Efficient and friendly
- Fully Trained and professional staff
- All of our weighing facilities including those on board our vehicles are calibrated
- All of our vehicles are fitted with trackers
- Coverage Nationwide
- Market leading rates
- Fully traceable and auditable
- Fully Licensed and Insured
- Our aim is to recycle and avoid landfill